THE BARBER BRAND “OG” Spring/Summer ‘20 Collection

The Man. The Myth. The Legend. The Tee. The OG Tee. An essential for your vault. Everybody could definitely use this classic in their line up!

“Forever Forward” Fall/ Winter ‘21 Collection

In today’s world everybody is so focused on things that they have no control over. It’s time that you let the past be the past and never look back. “Forever Forward” stands for remaining positive and focusing on what the world has in store for you!

“Deal From Strength, Not From Weakness” Fall/Winter ‘22 Collection

My grandfather instilled the DFSNFW mentality into my father for almost 50 years. Growing up, my father then instilled the same mentality into me and my brother. Although my grandfather is no longer with us, his message still lives on. A message of perseverance, courage and power. May this collection empower us all.

Pop-Up Shop & Food Drive Fall/Winter ‘22 Collection

These exclusive pieces, hand-crafted specifically for our event, exemplify the fact that we are a family buisness. Our “Guardian Angel” design stems from my mother’s love for Angels. If you have ever been to our home you have seen first hand the amount of angel decorations hung up looking over us. Our “Caddy Daddy” design stems from my father’s and my grandfather’s love for Cadillacs. My grandfather treasured his 1965 Cadillac Coupe DeVille, the same one pictured in the design. Finally, our classic “Forever Forward” design stems from the influence that cowboy movies had on me growing up. I grew up sitting on the couch every Sunday watching cowboy movies with my grandfather for hours. Evidently all of the art featured in this capsule has extensive family roots.

“Guardian Angel” Crop Top Spring ‘22 Collection

This drop was in honor of all the “Guardian Angels” in my life. The ones who didn’t get a chance to grow old with us, but we know are still with us every step of the way. A little reminder that we all have a special someone watching over us. I hope you enjoyed this collection.

“Varsity” Summer ‘22 Collection

This collection consisted of three different color-ways in tees and shorts to match. We decided to mix the old school with the new school by bringing back the highly anticipated classic. This time around we gave it a little spin. We added our new “Varsity” design to the back of the tee as well as the left side of the shorts. We did all this while still keeping that same “OG” logo on the front. Can’t wait to see everyone rocking their red, green and yellow.

“Forever Forward” Summer ‘22 Collection

Our best seller. This was our fourth time releasing this collection, each in a different color-way. I must say this is definitely the go-to tee. Every time we dropped, no matter the color-way, everybody always loved it. I’m glad you all appreciate this collection as I think it really embodies the true meaning behind the brand.

“Peace Not War” Summer ‘22 Collection

In a world with so much bloodshed and turmoil, where is the love? Where is the peace? It is my aspiration that this collection empowers you all to be able to stand up against hate, inequality, and the horrors of war. It cost zero dollars to be a good person. It cost zero dollars to be kind to one another. I believe that we owe it to ourselves as the youth of this country, to join forces and combat all the negative elements in today’s society.

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